Sunday, August 27, 2006

Nalbinding for Vikings

How proud I was to offer these pouches of nalbinding to the King and Queen of Caid. Ah yes, I am one of those medieval re-enactors who does appreciate a little royalty on the weekends. This Saturday was a Festival of the Rose, an arts & sciences display with the SCA...what a wonderful site. I sampled breads and cakes and watched dear Medb Renata work her magic with pewter ( I even got a beautiful button). The Vikings were there with a grand display of a Viking encampment, it was Vikingly tasty. I was so inspired I am planning on sewing some Viking garb...I saw the cutiest little hoodlet...yummmm, must have one. These pouches were done in (my favorite) the Finnish stitch, very simple, a tube with a bit of increasing at the top. I braided the drawstrings and threaded them through the stitches. Must go nalbind and
bite into a Viking pinafore....chomp!

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Alpaca for Dessert

Went to the Santa Monica Fiberfest today. What a fiber feast was had. Alas...there was not one dish of nalbinding. Though I was served wonderful wool appetizers, I was left hungry with out a nalbinding main dish. So what is a fiber hungry gal to do? Have alpaca's for dessert. Get me a spoon! Eat 'em up.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Hanging in a Gallery

Angel's Gate Cultural Art Center in San Pedro California currently has a show up 'Fiber/Fabric'. I have 4 pieces up in the show. All of these are knitted in wool and then felted (fulled). How deliectible to be on a gallery wall. I love to sculpt in wool. yum.

Monday, August 07, 2006

Beach Boys

So... as I was driving down Pacific Coast Highway on my way to my local yarn shop, I pass Main street at the Huntington Beach pier. Suddenly it dawns on me....hey, I live here, in a Southern California beach city. This is where other people come for their summer vacations.
Life is good.