Sunday, October 21, 2007

I Crafted Their Ride

So there was this competition put on by Scion called 'Craft My Ride'. I submitted my entry late last night...whew! The idea was for you to make a car accessory for the Scion XD. First prize is a new XD for the lucky crafter! I have been keeping this a super secret, but now that the deadline is past I can finally share. My submission is this: A dashboard cover with inter-change-able items, such as pouches, cargo nets, stuffed critters/pets, a crochet photo holder and crochet bowls all with magnet clasps that attach to the dashboard cover. Here is one view of the cover and close ups of two of the 'pets'. I am very excited about my can you resist those cute little faces?! Yipppeee! Looks like a winner to it up (and drive it off the lot!)

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Habu, Habu, I Love You...

Oh the glorious joys of knitting with Habu Textiles yarns. Their amazing texture and easy to follow Japanese pattern writing. Yes, I do adore Habu. Here are the two yarns, linen and silk, that I am using to knit a purse. I bought the kit at the Habu trunk show at Wildfiber in Santa Monica. I also bought a kit for a jacket....oooh, how will be forthcoming on that item. The bright green yarn is just a provisional cast on to be removed when the strap is connected. I will keep you apprised on the purses progress, I am in love with knitting this Habu bag.....delicious.