Monday, November 26, 2007

Yarn Longing To Be A Sweater

"Knit me.....knit meeeeeeee......kkkkknnnnnit me!" I can hear them, stuffed in their little plastic bag all huddled up together. I can hear the three of them calling, taunting, breathing out whispers "knit me" they say. I am trying to ignore them, picking up other current distractions, my sweater vest, coat hanger covers, even sewing (gads, did the habu hear me say 'sewing'?) Yule gifts looming large, my day job for heaven's sake! Not to mention the kids, the dishes, the chocolate.... I can hear them now, three cones and a Japanese pattern, maybe if I just put them in a knitting bag with a pair of needles they will quiet for a bit thinking I should be to them soon, I'll tuck them in with a "hush little habu" and buy myself some time....delicious time.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Top 20!

I am an official finalist of the 'Craft My Ride' competition! Oh yeah, I rock! Here is one of my little dashboard critters giving some attitude about being a top 20 winner. I had to send the entire cover in to the Scion committee for final judging, that was hard to mail off my little dashboard buddies, I was so used to having them all over my dinning room table, looking so amazingly cute! So watch out world, this could be the 'it' item on everyone's hip list! Eat it up!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Hang it Up

The birthday party for my boss was at work the next day. I had only one night to make the perfect gift. I had very little time and even less cash (it was the day before payday) and I needed inspiration...In a brilliant flash of desperation it came to me "Hanger Covers!" Doesn't everyone woman need some sweet covered hangers to grace the dark interiors of her closet? Yes, that would be it. So off I went, fortune had recently smiled upon me as I have been asking everyone I know if they have seen simple wooden hangers for sale anywhere. A friend of mine found them at Longs Drug store, and had just dropped them by. I was saved. Here they are in peach and white, with contrasting/matching crochet flowers. I tied the two of them together with satin ribbon. I think these just might start showing up at my etsy shop.
Here is how I made them:
Chose yarn. Make a swatch, (this can be sewn up like a little bag, add a crochet chain like a handle and hang it around the hook of the hanger for a sachet). Measure your hanger length wis and cast on appropriate number of stitches, leaving a long tail. I cast on a few less so it would fit snuggly. Knit in whichever stitch you choose ( I used seed) for about 2 - 1/2 inches, (be sure your bind off will be opposite your beginning 'tail' end) bind off leaving a long tail. Find center by folding in half length and width ways and slip hook through knitting. With long tails left from CO and BO, sew up ends and along bottom of hanger/CO & BO edges to meet in the middle, I made a little knot and then weave in ends. I made 4 crochet flowers of chain 5, slip st. into first chain to make a circle and made 5 petals of chain 3, and 3 dc's with a slip stitch after each petal and tied them on. Quick, easy and .... delicious!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Fickle Fiber Flitting

Oh, I was so in love with you must know that you fill a sweet picot edged pocket in my heart. I must though confess to a new fiber of the moment that has caught my wandering eye. It all started with a shipment of knitting books from Japan. I ordered them from, as I cannot read Japanese I took a chance and judged these books by their covers. One, a thin, tan book with just the beckoning hint of a sweater on it's cover wooed me. In this Asian treasure I found my new loves. Yes I plan to spend time with a few of these delicious darlings, trying one after the other until I am sweater-ed out. The first piece I have already begun. A vest in a velvety Noro and cashmire blend. So lovely Habu, I here post your picture as a finished object ready to be taken out, draped deliciously over my shoulder, for a splendid sushi lunch. yum, ademame!

Saturday, November 03, 2007

You're Not The Boss a' Me!

This is my new computer wallpaper. It just makes me chuckle every time I look at it...Oh you have just got to love Bossy Bear! And don't tell me that one day goes by that you don't want to be just like him! Hey, let go of that donut(ball of yarn, BMW, Prada bag), it's mine! eatitup.