Friday, August 24, 2007

Alpaca Fiber Eye

In Santa Monica this weekend was the 'Fabulous Fiber Fest'. A field trip for the Long Beach SnB'ers. At the fest I was zapped by the mystical 'alpaca fiber eye'. I will now and forever be obsessed with....fiber. Fabric, beads, fiber animals, SCA demonstrations (with beautiful Renata), they had spinning and spinners, weavers, clothing, books and some yarn. Yup, some yarn, sadly lacking in this tasty treat. This years fiberfest was much less filling than in the past. So the Long Beach SnB'ers trekked over a few blocks to the wonderful eatery....'Swingers' Oh yeah, that was delicious! A best day ever
Friends, food and fiber....Life is good.....and tasty!

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Cupcakes and Babies

A chocolate cupcake with pink swirly frosting.
That is all I could think about as I crocheted this baby blanket. I can just imagine a little fussy nubbin nuzzling her yarn confection and settling down to a much needed nap. Years later to crave chocolate covered cherries and not know why.
I can hardly wait to whip up another batch!
oh yummy....

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Getty Up!

We, the day program I teach at, went to the Getty! You can see several of my students in the first photo. The second photo is the Uberorgan by Tim Hawkinson. It plays 'music' on every hour. We did not have much time there but had much fun. Tim Hawkinson also had work in one of the galleries...very cool. I had never been to the Getty and I recommend it. Take a day and some cash. The views, the art the gift shops and the food! eat it up.