Tuesday, November 30, 2010

yarn is my drug

I have known about this show for months.  I have thought about it, lost sleep over it and gnashed my teeth for it.  I figured I would just use one of my already done felted sculptures and put a witty name on it to fit the show title 'soft'.  But it was not to be.  I had to make something new, something else, something 'soft'.  So at the eleventh hour I decided to start crocheting.  I needed an excuse to crochet like a mad woman, a reason to say to those around me, 'not right now, I'm working on a piece that is due in two days' so I could just crochet and crochet and crochet.  I could ask for tea to be brought, the dog to be fed and the channel changed on the t.v.  I had an excuse to just crochet.  The title of my piece for the 'soft' show at the Future Gallery in Los Angeles is 'hard drugs'.  This show is to explore the meaning of 'soft'.  I made 14 crocheted 'pills' of varying size and color combinations that look like capsules.  I like them very much and they will be very easy to hang.  I just may make a few to sell in my etsy shop, I just may make a few for gifts or even to keep for myself.  Yarn is my drug, and it is delicious.