Sunday, November 23, 2008

2009 in my pocket

2009 is looming on the horizon and I realized that I needed a new pocket organizer. Every year I go through this agonizing process. What kind do I want? How big do I need it to be? What style? What color? What do I want to look at for an entire year? Well, this year I decided to go handmade. Etsy to the rescue! I found just what I needed at Christina's Etsy shop. She has wonderful planners and many other items too. I love her fabric colors and choices. Her sewing is impeccable and my planner is just lovely. I have already put things in favorite things first, like my knitting night out every week with my SnB friends! Thank you Christine for making my new 2009 pocket is delicious!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I adore shopping at the Japanese 98 cents store. I go there all the time! Now.... I am sad, because they are closing. I slumped about for weeks, I even shed a few tears. I went there one last time and bought up so much stuff!
In my sorrow I turned to the internet ... and low and behold, what do I find?
An online store that has all I could ever want and more! It is Ichiban Kan.

I am happy now...yipee, life can go on and I have a new supply of bento boxes and bento ... stuff.
sigh...delicious sigh.

Monday, November 10, 2008

cute monster.....

just having some blogging fun. it is monday, it is a holiday, no work today. hhhmmmm, what shall i do, i say to myself. well, free time is web surfing time and look what i found... a 'cute monster' test. i couldn't say no.

What Your Cute Monster Says About You

You are a deep, thoughtful, down to earth person. You don't put much stock in appearances.
You are never superficial or flippant. You take time in life to study, learn, and get to know people well.
You inner demon is laziness. You can get so caught up in your own world that you neglect everything around you.
People think you're cute because you're intelligent. Your wit and wisdom are charming.

i say it is pretty close. i do get caught up in things and forget to do .... stuff.
try it, it's cute and it's sweeeeet.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

movie, Japanese, knitting.....

Here is my next movie purchase... wool 100%. An amazingly visual treat filled with wool, knitting, Japan, and deep metaphors on life and the female experience. I must be off to find this treasure, it looks delicious!