Sunday, October 24, 2010

yarnafitti? knittafitti?, yarnifitti? yarnefitti?

I have so much free time (this is an untrue statement) that I have decided to take up a hobby....'yarn bombing'. Now, I need to make some decisions here regarding this endeavor. Firstly, what to call it. I was thinking 'Yarnifitti' to go along with the Yarnivore theme, 'knitfitti' is in the Urban Dictionary here. Any other suggestions would be appreciated. Nextly, I need to think about if I want to put a 'card' on each piece with the yarnivore/yarniffiti blog address so people can tell me if they like/do not like it. If they took it, which would be okay too. If they have any suggestions as to where/what they might like to see yarnifitti-ed next and so on. Or am I asking for legal trouble, as in being fined/arrested for defacing property, but since it is easily removable it may not be covered under 'defacing'?
I could make a statement, be passive aggressive, political or social, I am open to all sorts of ideas.
Also, just in case you might be interested in a new hobby.....that involves yarn, knitting, and possibly 'defacing' public property, send me an email and we will talk.
Here are a few images so you can be inspired too....delicious.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

flying fish

So I have a school of fish hanging in LAX, the Los Angeles airport in the Southwest airline terminal. There are 60 little wooden minnows flying high and wearing hand knit sweaters....yes, I knitted little fish sweaters. The show is a group show and is titled "Unwearable". I have other fishies in sweaters as well, they are all trout. One with a cable sweater, one with a fair isle sweater, another with a granny square get the idea. I just love those little minnows! I do not yet have a photo of the show, but here are a few pics of the fish on land...the little ones look like candy...yummy.