Sunday, October 24, 2010

yarnafitti? knittafitti?, yarnifitti? yarnefitti?

I have so much free time (this is an untrue statement) that I have decided to take up a hobby....'yarn bombing'. Now, I need to make some decisions here regarding this endeavor. Firstly, what to call it. I was thinking 'Yarnifitti' to go along with the Yarnivore theme, 'knitfitti' is in the Urban Dictionary here. Any other suggestions would be appreciated. Nextly, I need to think about if I want to put a 'card' on each piece with the yarnivore/yarniffiti blog address so people can tell me if they like/do not like it. If they took it, which would be okay too. If they have any suggestions as to where/what they might like to see yarnifitti-ed next and so on. Or am I asking for legal trouble, as in being fined/arrested for defacing property, but since it is easily removable it may not be covered under 'defacing'?
I could make a statement, be passive aggressive, political or social, I am open to all sorts of ideas.
Also, just in case you might be interested in a new hobby.....that involves yarn, knitting, and possibly 'defacing' public property, send me an email and we will talk.
Here are a few images so you can be inspired too....delicious.

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vanessa said...

I'd keep it anonymous. The cool thing about grafiti is it's about the work, not the artist. But you could always leave some sort of signature in tbe work (a certain stitch or style) so others in the know can identify your work.