Saturday, March 24, 2007

Zakka! Japanese crafting....

Oh yeah, I know what you are thinking....'What is she thinking!' Like I need yet another craft to ______________ (you fill in the blank, here are a few suggestions: spend money on, use as an excuse to ignore people, isolate myself even further from reality, add to the pile of things 'I'm working on' next to the couch, use as an excuse to have cereal for dinner...again) I am sure you have a few of your own, all of which I would love to hear about so I don't feel so lonely in my crafting psychosis. But really, the things in these books are so cute, and I want to make each one so badly that I cannot even decide what to do next. So I started a crochet baby blanket because the pattern is easy, so there.... Now, where's my cereal, it's dinnertime.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

I'm No Saint...Patrick

Oh happy St. Patrick's day. Here are some lovely (cough, choke) crocheted scarves that I made for a fundraiser. My son is an Irish dancer. It is St.Patrick's Day. You connect the dots. I spent my last weekend at the Irish fair/Pomona Fairgrounds. Last year it hailed and rained all weekend, so this year I thought scarves would be a big seller to raise money for the dance studio. This year it was 90 degrees, sunny and hot. Good for oranges, not good for scarves. We did sell several, much to my amazement. They are fast and easy, just fill in your flag colors of choice. These could be terrific for soccer or hockey too.
About St. Patrick....His claim to fame is clearing all snakes from Ireland. There never were any snakes there to begin with. There were though, pagans. Again, you connect the dots. On St. Patrick's day I do not wear green, I do wear a blue snake drawn on my wrist in memory of the lives lost for religious tyranny.
By the way, the cheese fries (Irish Nachos) at the fair were delicious!