Sunday, January 29, 2012

Hungry for Hearts

heart bombs

one hundred and eighty hearts

The yarnivore is hungry to bite on her birthday.  February 13th is the magic day.  I so adore February with it's red, pink and purple color scheme.  Love is in the air (to which I am a bit of a cynic) but I am quite attracted to the trappings of the day.  Rain has often graced the 13th of February but of late it has been warm and sunny, this year is proving to follow suit. A bomb is in order so the streets will be decorated in yarny splendor for my birthday.  Hearts shall be the decor of choice, crocheted hearts in Valentine-y colors to hang along the way.  The plan is a minimum of 500, more if my little yarny hands can crochet that fast.  A late night or early morning bomb time will need to be chosen so the hearts will twirl in the breeze for the 13th.  There is the possibility of a filmographer on this bomb, the yarnivore is still deciding on that one, sounds exciting though!  So off to crochet more hearts.....yummy.

Tuesday, January 03, 2012


Turbines, a cowl, draped

Turbines, a cowl, folded

Turbines, a cowl, folding

I bought some yarn, enough I thought for a vest.  My calculations, sadly, were a bit off in the negative direction.  I love the yarn, Rowan Cashsoft Dk in a wonderful smokey gray so I decided to knit up a cowl of my own design.  As of late I have become enamored with the stitch pattern of YO, K2tog and the opposite, K2tog, YO.  This makes what to me looks like a trellis or a turbine.  Using these patterns in a circular fashion with the dark gray yarn it just looks so industrial, Steam Punk even.  I love it.  So I wrote down the pattern and it is available here, on ravelry as a free PDF download. 
Gray turbines to warm your neck, delicious.