Thursday, December 30, 2010

When it rains it pours

Ah, I do so adore the rain.  Solstice has come and gone, with a lunar eclipse to add to the magic.  I took the week off from work for the Solstice and my youngest son's birthday December 24th.  All of my jobs have been very busy, so many projects, responsibilities and things to do so I was excited to have some time.  Oh the Universe has it's ways of making us relax...well sort of.  My printer went out, two days later my motherboard fried.  I was computer-less for the holidays.  With that, the rain, a bit of a cold and much knitting to do I proceeded to take to the couch and be still.  My pup thought this was the best thing ever and decided to join me.  Now with new computer and printer up and running, me back to work and life beginning to ramp up once again I am happy to have had a few days of forced down time.  I did get much knitting done though I still have quite a bit to do.  I really like that thought.....yum, knitting and puppies, warm and delicious.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

yarn is my drug

I have known about this show for months.  I have thought about it, lost sleep over it and gnashed my teeth for it.  I figured I would just use one of my already done felted sculptures and put a witty name on it to fit the show title 'soft'.  But it was not to be.  I had to make something new, something else, something 'soft'.  So at the eleventh hour I decided to start crocheting.  I needed an excuse to crochet like a mad woman, a reason to say to those around me, 'not right now, I'm working on a piece that is due in two days' so I could just crochet and crochet and crochet.  I could ask for tea to be brought, the dog to be fed and the channel changed on the t.v.  I had an excuse to just crochet.  The title of my piece for the 'soft' show at the Future Gallery in Los Angeles is 'hard drugs'.  This show is to explore the meaning of 'soft'.  I made 14 crocheted 'pills' of varying size and color combinations that look like capsules.  I like them very much and they will be very easy to hang.  I just may make a few to sell in my etsy shop, I just may make a few for gifts or even to keep for myself.  Yarn is my drug, and it is delicious. 

Sunday, October 24, 2010

yarnafitti? knittafitti?, yarnifitti? yarnefitti?

I have so much free time (this is an untrue statement) that I have decided to take up a hobby....'yarn bombing'. Now, I need to make some decisions here regarding this endeavor. Firstly, what to call it. I was thinking 'Yarnifitti' to go along with the Yarnivore theme, 'knitfitti' is in the Urban Dictionary here. Any other suggestions would be appreciated. Nextly, I need to think about if I want to put a 'card' on each piece with the yarnivore/yarniffiti blog address so people can tell me if they like/do not like it. If they took it, which would be okay too. If they have any suggestions as to where/what they might like to see yarnifitti-ed next and so on. Or am I asking for legal trouble, as in being fined/arrested for defacing property, but since it is easily removable it may not be covered under 'defacing'?
I could make a statement, be passive aggressive, political or social, I am open to all sorts of ideas.
Also, just in case you might be interested in a new hobby.....that involves yarn, knitting, and possibly 'defacing' public property, send me an email and we will talk.
Here are a few images so you can be inspired too....delicious.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

flying fish

So I have a school of fish hanging in LAX, the Los Angeles airport in the Southwest airline terminal. There are 60 little wooden minnows flying high and wearing hand knit sweaters....yes, I knitted little fish sweaters. The show is a group show and is titled "Unwearable". I have other fishies in sweaters as well, they are all trout. One with a cable sweater, one with a fair isle sweater, another with a granny square get the idea. I just love those little minnows! I do not yet have a photo of the show, but here are a few pics of the fish on land...the little ones look like candy...yummy.

Sunday, May 09, 2010

cozy tp

Oh boy! New etsy items. I think we all need a bit of cozy in the bathroom so here are some updated toilet paper covers for your watercloset. I thought about campy, the poodle or doll dress but finally I chose to create my own contemporary toilet paper roll covers. They are simple and sweet, feminine or masculine. I can create them to match any bathroom colors...yup, I am amazing that way. So with my crochet hooks flying and my etsy shop humming I present; mid-century decor for the 21st century, toilet paper roll covers! Get yours today....sweet.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Ch-Ch-Changes and Art

Oh, does life just move along. So many things have happened in my life recently I am just spinning. Still losing weight...yes! My poor old doggie, Mr. McFee passed away, I am working on a series for an art show at LAX. Anne's (my best friend) father passed away, I turned 50 (I am now officially a crone and had a 'croning' ceremony), had to pay taxes, had several medical issues to contend okay now. A big decision about my garden plot with the Long Beach Community Garden Association, I need to let it go. I just do not have enough time, working so many jobs (5), my teenagers, art, running, blogging, my etsy shop. I am overwhelmed, the camel's back is breaking. This last Vernal Equinox (March 22nd) was a tough one. It brought strong changes to many of us, perhaps you have noticed it.
Recently, in Feb. I participated in a wonderful art show at Barnsdall Park in Hollywood CA. It was much fun and the venue was fantastic. I knitted with my giant needles (8ft.long) and joined several other artists in a participatory art experience! It was curated by a dear woman, Edith Abayta. Here are a few shots of the show. The giant needles, Amber knitting on the needles, the longest potholder, which was being made even longer at the event. A knitted forest frolic, that was amazing to see and touch! Oh life, can be so delicious.

Friday, February 12, 2010

couch to 5K

Oh dear, where have I been? Here and here. I am now a runner, it's official. I got a tread mill, pictured, and have been quite faithful to it. Got some new shoes too! cool eh? I found out that I am a 'barefoot' runner. Shoes and I do not play nice. I am a clog wearer and cannot stand anything too tight around my toes, hate high heels and even have difficulty with things against my Achilles tendon. picky?, true, lovable?, why yes, yes I am! So now 27 pounds lighter I finally post. Oh, and one more tidbit....type 2 diabetes. Oh there was an impetus behind the treadmill and weight loss and nifty new shoes...don't let the 'lets get physical' thing be a new years resolution idea. It is for my health. I am now committed to being healthy, eating healthy and exercise. Life, it can bite you in the butt when you aren't paying attention. That was a big bite, no comment on the size of the butt, though it is smaller than it was when it was bitten, at least. So, on with my life, delicious it is.