Saturday, February 12, 2011

seeing clearly

I suppose I have reached that magic age where little things get blurry and your arms get too short.  Words that used to be crystal clear are now fuzzy. I used to have amazing eyesight, I could see anything and with clarity.   Now the writing on a bottle of Ibuprofen looks like so much dark blur. Menus in low lit restaurants where people go who are old enough to appreciate and afford it are beyond my range.   I now know why women say, 'Oh, just order for me', or 'I'll have what she is having'.  I have discovered that at some stores there are little magnifying cards hanging near the shelves by bottles of remedies.  I have availed myself of them after realizing I had better not chance poisoning.

So I found a pair of reading glasses at Whole Foods, non the less.  They are black, cat eye glasses with little white polka dots on a green background inside.  "They look great on you mom".  My 15 year old son said, "They're cute." So on the advice of my youngest son I made the purchase.  To ease the sting I crocheted my latest life stage augment a little case in Liberty wool (a new favorite) by Classic Elite, with a matching 'eye'-cord strap.  I don't feel much better about the glasses, but being able to add knitting sugar made it go down easier.
Not so bitter.

Saturday, February 05, 2011


     Ah, now that's better.  I finally got my new photo editing software onto my new computer...and am having a time relearning how to edit photos.  Not to mention trying to find my old photo files and just getting all comfortable again.  It is amazing how our bitty brains get used to a certain way of doing things and then, Kapow!  We must relearn, rethink and retool ourselves, reboot if you will, just to get back on track.  Sometimes I feel like I am swimming as fast as I can with technology.  Now I adore it mind you, and would have every new gadget available if I had the funds to acquire them.  I dream of an ipad, an iphone, an ibrain and an icar that runs on compressed air (there is such a thing you know).  For now I settle for my desktop, my slide phone and my Subaru (which I adore, it has heated seats!) knitting and my pug.
      So, here we have photos of both.  Some new knitting and a handsome portrait of the pug himself, Professor Q. Grubleton Esq. looking rather regal.  Trees is a pattern from ravelry for a lovely cowl or scarf depending on how you wear it.  I had already made one with Madeline Tosh pure tussah silk lace yarn.  It was delicious.  A friend also thought so and off my needles to her neck it went, lucky gal. So I started a new one, for me, in boysenberry Madeline Tosh lace yarn....oh yes, quite yummy.  Also a new light sweater in Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece.  I chose brown.  I am trying some new colors this year, brown, gray and dark blue.  We'll see how that works for me.  My usual clothing color of choice is black, not usually, always. 
     I do love that boysenberry color, it reminds me of the way Knott's Berry Farm used to be when I was little.  They had burro rides, cowboys, saloons and seals that you could feed.  I even remember the little waxed paper bags the fish would come in.  There were big windows you could look through and see ladies making lollipops, boysenberry lollipops.  You could smell the pies baking, boysenberry pies that stained your fingers and lips.  No big roller coasters or fancy rides, just animals, trains, cowboys and ....boysenberries, delicious.