Saturday, February 12, 2011

seeing clearly

I suppose I have reached that magic age where little things get blurry and your arms get too short.  Words that used to be crystal clear are now fuzzy. I used to have amazing eyesight, I could see anything and with clarity.   Now the writing on a bottle of Ibuprofen looks like so much dark blur. Menus in low lit restaurants where people go who are old enough to appreciate and afford it are beyond my range.   I now know why women say, 'Oh, just order for me', or 'I'll have what she is having'.  I have discovered that at some stores there are little magnifying cards hanging near the shelves by bottles of remedies.  I have availed myself of them after realizing I had better not chance poisoning.

So I found a pair of reading glasses at Whole Foods, non the less.  They are black, cat eye glasses with little white polka dots on a green background inside.  "They look great on you mom".  My 15 year old son said, "They're cute." So on the advice of my youngest son I made the purchase.  To ease the sting I crocheted my latest life stage augment a little case in Liberty wool (a new favorite) by Classic Elite, with a matching 'eye'-cord strap.  I don't feel much better about the glasses, but being able to add knitting sugar made it go down easier.
Not so bitter.

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Beckles said...

Hi Miss Sandra D,

Nice reading glasses case and strap. Been a while since I've read your blog. Thanks for keeping it up.

your bud in knitting amongst other things,