Friday, February 12, 2010

couch to 5K

Oh dear, where have I been? Here and here. I am now a runner, it's official. I got a tread mill, pictured, and have been quite faithful to it. Got some new shoes too! cool eh? I found out that I am a 'barefoot' runner. Shoes and I do not play nice. I am a clog wearer and cannot stand anything too tight around my toes, hate high heels and even have difficulty with things against my Achilles tendon. picky?, true, lovable?, why yes, yes I am! So now 27 pounds lighter I finally post. Oh, and one more tidbit....type 2 diabetes. Oh there was an impetus behind the treadmill and weight loss and nifty new shoes...don't let the 'lets get physical' thing be a new years resolution idea. It is for my health. I am now committed to being healthy, eating healthy and exercise. Life, it can bite you in the butt when you aren't paying attention. That was a big bite, no comment on the size of the butt, though it is smaller than it was when it was bitten, at least. So, on with my life, delicious it is.