Monday, August 11, 2014

Indigo Magic

Here is the progression of the indigo process:
Yarn before dying. 
Yarn soaking in water. 
Yarn drying just a bit. 
Putting processed indigo crystals into hot water. 
Water with just indigo. 
Water with indigo and sofa ash added. 
Water with indigo, soda ash and Thoreau dioxide added, gently stirred and let to sit. 
Close up of the beautiful indigo crystals. 
The next two photos are of the yarn being moved through the dye. Note the green hue below the water and on the yarn.  Indigo only turns blue after it is exposed to air... Magical!
Yarn changing color to blue on the drying rack. 
Yarn at its final indigo-ness. 

This past weekend I spent the day with friends learning how to dye with indigo. What a magical experience. It makes me realize the brilliance of our ancestors to unlock the deep blue mystery of the plant that is indigo.  The process today is easy compared to the way it was done in the past, and is still being done in places around the world. Thank you 'Colors' yarn shop in Claremont California for offering this enlightening class, and dear Angie for teaching it. Explore!