Sunday, July 22, 2012

I have a two teens, and need to get out of my

My knitting for the 'living spindle' before it got onto my arms.

Marco as the 'human spindle' and black moth from Pierrot

I participated in a knitting performance art piece in Long Beach on the weekend of the Convergence.  There was a special artwalk in downtown to entertain our weaving visitors from out of town and we decided to make a splash.  It worked.  What an amazing time we had in our 'Carnival of Knitting oddities'.  There was a barker, a 'human spindle' (the photo of Marco above).  The black moth from Pierrot, the 'largest knitting needles in the world' being used as the knitter walked with two assistants.  There was (me) knitting with 'human arm' knitting 'needles' (I did the knitting on my arms instead of using needles), a huge knitted undulating tube filled with people, the 'mad' needle dropper and all of this was encased in sound being created by the performers via electronic hook-ups.  wow, it was spectacular!  Loved every minute of it. 

Sunday, July 08, 2012

life, gets in the way of blogging...

me, after coffee

my new amazing sock bag, that fits on my wrist so I can knit...anywhere!

my son Logan, second from right, rowing in Tennessee for Nationals, they came in 4th.

Yarn bomb!  on the Wyland dolphin sculpture in front of McKenna's by the bay in Long Beach.

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the above 3 items have been spurned by both peer pressure and the acquisition of  an iphone.  gads, I cannot believe I have succumbed.  'one of us, one of us' continues to ring my head.  true, I am of you.
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No fear, I will continue to blog, when I can sit down at a 'big' computer.
now, I think I will go and knit.