Sunday, August 21, 2011

granny guerrilla

granny bombs

granny bomb hanging

granny seat bomb

toast bomb

toast bomb installed on 'fork'

granny bombs installed above Egg Heaven door

a cozy granny bomb installed

Granny guerrilla's bombs hit 4th and Ximeno tonight, late, hoping to catch the eyes of early morning patrons of Egg Heaven in Long Beach.  Granny is hoping to make those waiting for a seat in this popular eatery more comfortable, cozy and yarn aware.  This place has terrific food and a hippy atmosphere from the early '70's.  Egg heaven is a little bit of breakfast heaven on 4th street, a true local's choice. 
My citrus slices are long gone from the 'fork' in front of the now named 'Scratch' baked goods bakery (not open as of yet) and have been replaced by ... toast!  C'mon, who doesn't like toast?  Toast, all warm and buttery, yeah, toast rocks. 
Yarnivore + toast = happy face.  Tasty!

Monday, August 08, 2011

citrus guerrilla

guerrilla citrus

citrus yarn bomb

'fork' bike rack with slices
handle slice

granny bench cozy

Ah, successful citrus!  The slices went up with ease as did the delightful granny square bench warmer.  The slice of orange door handle addition lead me to an interesting find.  My lettuce leaf yarn bomb disarmed, abducted and now being held in solitary confinement inside the still undone 'bakery' shop.  As I installed the door handle slice I looked into the building and there she was, just lying there on a bench, limp, next to a roll of blue painters tape and drywall dust.  Perhaps they are saving her, holding her for later use as 'fork' decoration, one can hope.
Citrus yarn bombs...juicy!
lettuce leaf, disarmed

Sunday, August 07, 2011

no more cookies

several summer citrus slices for the fork

citrus yarn bomb

slices...for a fork/bike rack

an adorable, non threatening granny square yarn bomb.

the cookies are gone, the fork stands bare once again.  I will remove the dangling cupcake that is worse for the wear of hanging on the still unoccupied establishment door handle, to be replaced with a luscious orange citrus slice. 
there is a nearby (just doors down) business with a lovely green bench out front.  a granny square bomb will soon grace it's seat if all goes well.
all to be installed on the morrow.