Monday, August 08, 2011

citrus guerrilla

guerrilla citrus

citrus yarn bomb

'fork' bike rack with slices
handle slice

granny bench cozy

Ah, successful citrus!  The slices went up with ease as did the delightful granny square bench warmer.  The slice of orange door handle addition lead me to an interesting find.  My lettuce leaf yarn bomb disarmed, abducted and now being held in solitary confinement inside the still undone 'bakery' shop.  As I installed the door handle slice I looked into the building and there she was, just lying there on a bench, limp, next to a roll of blue painters tape and drywall dust.  Perhaps they are saving her, holding her for later use as 'fork' decoration, one can hope.
Citrus yarn bombs...juicy!
lettuce leaf, disarmed


kt said...

You had me @ cookie! My kiddos take art lessons down the street....& we appreciate & love spotting *street art* any & everywhere. We saw the cookies & this week the citrus. Nice. I also crochet.

We noticed some chalk art too that is now gone.

did you also do the little bit on the pole/street sign on the side of 4th? I've been entertaining the idea of adding to it--not sure if it's still there...

Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

I saw this the other day and it made me super happy!!! I took some pics and posted it on my blog :) Keep up the good work!! xxoo