Monday, July 18, 2011

yarnivore bites cookies!

cookies down the fork

string of cookies

cookie cluster

cookie cluster too
a string of cookies now adorn the fork/bike rack on Termino and 4th street in Long Beach California.  A little bitty cupcake with pink frosting and a 'cherry' on top is dangling from the front door of the soon to be bakery there.  these little cookies just went so well on the fork.  this yarn guerrilla has sunk her teeth into some delicious crocheted cookies....mmmmm, tasty!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

cookie bomb cookie

guerrilla's like cookies, don't they?  this guerrilla does.....yarn cookies that is!  my leafy green is gone (stolen? tossed? removed? wilted? never the less, no longer there) so the soon-to-be bakery needs a little sweetening up.  yarnivore will string cookies to grace the fork/bike rack on her way to work tomorrow.  gggrrrrr.....cookies, yum.

Monday, July 11, 2011

yarnivore bites....asteraceae

fork/bike rack sans salad.

ah, salad.

salad, up close.

lettuce on fork/bike rack...street view.

Romaine? Butter?  Green leaf?  Iceberg?  It's all salad.  The fork/bike rack on 4th & Termino now sports a large leaf of asteraceae, you choose the order.  I used several greens to produce this fresh forkful.  An easy installation on my way to work.  I remembered to bring scissors and a tapestry needle to secure the leaf.  Hopefully this fare will stay crisp for many to view.   mmmmm...mmmmm...tasty.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

hungry guerrilla

the guerrilla is hungry and the yarnivore is ready to bite.  the linguini is gone, eaten up by some passerby so the the fork stands bare again.  last time I served up a pasta dish, this time it will be salad...a lovely piece of leafy green has been crocheted and is waiting to be served up on the street corner 'al fresco'.
I will 'plate' the large leaf on my way to work, so check back to see what the yarnivore bites.

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

yarnivore bites! guerrilla linguini

Fork as bicycle rack, sans unlawful decoration.

Fork as bicycle rack, complete with unlawful decoration.

I saw this 'fork' several days ago.  A new installation on dear little 4th street.  I had to look at it twice to figure out what it was...fork as bike rack.  Here in Long Beach, deep in the SoCal artsy beach scene, the city has created bike racks to reflect the businesses in front of which they stand.  Cups of coffee in front of Viento y Agua or Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf.  Slices of pizza in front of Olives and flowers in front of Kava Yoga.  A lovely little Greek deli recently moved out and now the sign sweetly beckons me with the word 'Bakery' in large buttery letters.  Out side of this soon to be den of waist enhancing joy is said fork/bicycle rack.  So lonely, so bare, it needed...something...something starchy...something yummy...something pasta!
Here we have it, linguini as 'unlawful decoration' (thank you Sara for this new description).
I now have a 'fork' to decorate....big piece of crocheted lettuce perhaps?  Crochet bacon? An egg?  The comestible ideas are endless. 
Dropping this bomb on my way to work just made my day that much more....delicious.

Monday, July 04, 2011

yarnivore bites! linguini...

who doesn't like pasta? this guerrilla does.
I dropped a pasta yarn bomb on my way to work.  A giant fork marks the delicious spot.
Photos to come...after work.