Monday, March 17, 2008

Oh My Lucky Shamrocks!

What would St. Patrick's day be without a bit o' the green.....especially if it's on a KILT! (check out that badger) I spent a weekend at the Irish Festival in Pomona and saw many a kilt. I share two with you. There was green beer, green hair, green tee-shirts and green ice cream. They even had green water in the fountains. Any Leprechaun would have felt right at home. So I say wish for you, a grand St.Patrick's day to 'ya all.....delicious.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Time For Spring I Say!

Oh spring! Fresh peas, beets and carrots. Crisp sunshine and still cool days. My favorite flower is blooming, grape hyacinth, looking like little cuttlefish all bunched up on a stem. Here is a photo of one that I have growing on my porch. There is also a cute little face, and it is a pin! Amazing! This little springtime friend is available in my etsy shop, and would look dandy on any vest, shirt or lapel to celebrate spring. Take a walk on a sunny spring day, greet the flower faie and munch a crunchy it up!