Sunday, July 08, 2012

life, gets in the way of blogging...

me, after coffee

my new amazing sock bag, that fits on my wrist so I can knit...anywhere!

my son Logan, second from right, rowing in Tennessee for Nationals, they came in 4th.

Yarn bomb!  on the Wyland dolphin sculpture in front of McKenna's by the bay in Long Beach.

twitter: @hestiashands
facebook: Sandra Dee
the above 3 items have been spurned by both peer pressure and the acquisition of  an iphone.  gads, I cannot believe I have succumbed.  'one of us, one of us' continues to ring my head.  true, I am of you.
and, dailymile: hestian (running bloggish site).
so, as things become more instant, you can follow me on the above sites!
No fear, I will continue to blog, when I can sit down at a 'big' computer.
now, I think I will go and knit. 

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