Sunday, April 11, 2010

Ch-Ch-Changes and Art

Oh, does life just move along. So many things have happened in my life recently I am just spinning. Still losing weight...yes! My poor old doggie, Mr. McFee passed away, I am working on a series for an art show at LAX. Anne's (my best friend) father passed away, I turned 50 (I am now officially a crone and had a 'croning' ceremony), had to pay taxes, had several medical issues to contend okay now. A big decision about my garden plot with the Long Beach Community Garden Association, I need to let it go. I just do not have enough time, working so many jobs (5), my teenagers, art, running, blogging, my etsy shop. I am overwhelmed, the camel's back is breaking. This last Vernal Equinox (March 22nd) was a tough one. It brought strong changes to many of us, perhaps you have noticed it.
Recently, in Feb. I participated in a wonderful art show at Barnsdall Park in Hollywood CA. It was much fun and the venue was fantastic. I knitted with my giant needles (8ft.long) and joined several other artists in a participatory art experience! It was curated by a dear woman, Edith Abayta. Here are a few shots of the show. The giant needles, Amber knitting on the needles, the longest potholder, which was being made even longer at the event. A knitted forest frolic, that was amazing to see and touch! Oh life, can be so delicious.

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