Saturday, October 16, 2010

flying fish

So I have a school of fish hanging in LAX, the Los Angeles airport in the Southwest airline terminal. There are 60 little wooden minnows flying high and wearing hand knit sweaters....yes, I knitted little fish sweaters. The show is a group show and is titled "Unwearable". I have other fishies in sweaters as well, they are all trout. One with a cable sweater, one with a fair isle sweater, another with a granny square get the idea. I just love those little minnows! I do not yet have a photo of the show, but here are a few pics of the fish on land...the little ones look like candy...yummy.


VickeryKnits said...

Sandra I love this! Very cool. Hope all is well with you!

Marlyn said...

That is too cool!

Girl, Knitterupted said...

My husband and a friend did see the installation when they flew on Southwest Airlines recently. I told them to look for the "fish wearing sweaters", and they actually did!

T said...

Unbelievably cute!

RobinsNest said...

The fish are waaaay cool! Nice work my dear!

OfTroy said...

many years ago, there was a PBS show (of a BBC series!) called family at war, one memorable line (by some country cousins who were illegally killing sheep and selling the meat on the back marker was about the slaughter house by the shore..

they mentioned "a bunch of fish are now in woolly sweaters"
this strange line stuck in my memory (as funny, silly) and now, i can't remember a single characters name, but i still remember the line!

and now, you've done it..
Fish in woolly sweaters! Love it!