Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I adore shopping at the Japanese 98 cents store. I go there all the time! Now.... I am sad, because they are closing. I slumped about for weeks, I even shed a few tears. I went there one last time and bought up so much stuff!
In my sorrow I turned to the internet ... and low and behold, what do I find?
An online store that has all I could ever want and more! It is Ichiban Kan.

I am happy now...yipee, life can go on and I have a new supply of bento boxes and bento ... stuff.
sigh...delicious sigh.


nobu said...

I often see the name "Ichi bankan" in net.
I suppose it is very popular in US.

bluepupae said...

so cute. i'll have to check these out...