Saturday, November 10, 2007

Fickle Fiber Flitting

Oh, I was so in love with you must know that you fill a sweet picot edged pocket in my heart. I must though confess to a new fiber of the moment that has caught my wandering eye. It all started with a shipment of knitting books from Japan. I ordered them from, as I cannot read Japanese I took a chance and judged these books by their covers. One, a thin, tan book with just the beckoning hint of a sweater on it's cover wooed me. In this Asian treasure I found my new loves. Yes I plan to spend time with a few of these delicious darlings, trying one after the other until I am sweater-ed out. The first piece I have already begun. A vest in a velvety Noro and cashmire blend. So lovely Habu, I here post your picture as a finished object ready to be taken out, draped deliciously over my shoulder, for a splendid sushi lunch. yum, ademame!


bluepupae said...

my habu sweater still waits for me...must check out your japanese book some time.

glennis said...

japanese knitting books were always a fav of mine in the store. i had some of my japanese button customers bring them over for me when they came over for quilt market. you can sometimes find them at the bookshop located in the Mitsua marketplace.