Monday, November 26, 2007

Yarn Longing To Be A Sweater

"Knit me.....knit meeeeeeee......kkkkknnnnnit me!" I can hear them, stuffed in their little plastic bag all huddled up together. I can hear the three of them calling, taunting, breathing out whispers "knit me" they say. I am trying to ignore them, picking up other current distractions, my sweater vest, coat hanger covers, even sewing (gads, did the habu hear me say 'sewing'?) Yule gifts looming large, my day job for heaven's sake! Not to mention the kids, the dishes, the chocolate.... I can hear them now, three cones and a Japanese pattern, maybe if I just put them in a knitting bag with a pair of needles they will quiet for a bit thinking I should be to them soon, I'll tuck them in with a "hush little habu" and buy myself some time....delicious time.

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