Saturday, June 24, 2006

herding sheep, shrinking purses, Irish curls

Well, I am supposed to be at a friends party but... When I fulled the handbag (last night) I had knitted for her it came out more like a coin I was at the Irish Fair and festival in Irvine Meadows today (see photo of young ladies wearing outragously sequined dancing dresses and outragously curled wigs) with my son who was in the Irish dancing competition (though he wears neither the dress nor wig) I tried to knit a new one. Alas, I don't knit that fast so, no gift. Now after a long day outside in the heat with two kids, nachos and shave ice, listening to accordians and 'Bad Haggis' I am tired. Therefore I am not at my friend Molly's party. BUT while at said festival I was able to watch an amazing demonstration of SHEEP HERDING. One of my favorite subjects, sheep...wool...fiber on the hoof...yipppeee! It was up those sheep, not the Bad Haggis.

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