Saturday, February 24, 2007

Of Bunnies and Babies

A dear friend of mine is having her first baby. Oh the expectant joys of that first child. I made her two baby blankets and still felt she needed something more. Something special. Something sweet as a summer peach. Something soft as a mouses ear. Something luxurious and expensive. She needed an angora baby cap. So I knitted her one. I adore it. It is softer than a mouses ear, sweeter than summer peaches and luxuriously expensive ( or it could have been, had I not got this yarn at an unbelievable sale). Her shower is Monday....I will wait until the last minute to wrap it so I can fondle it just 'one more time'. This is one of those pieces that will be hard to give away. My glory will come though, at the baby shower, when she opens this present and everyone gasps, then oooohhs and aawhhhs. Oh yes, those are delicious moments, are they not? When our work is admired with the eyes and fingertips of many. I will bask in that warm glow, and then have cake. yum.

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VickeryKnits said...

That is the sweetest little hat I've ever seen! It looks so amazingly soft!