Thursday, May 10, 2007

Four Quarter Friends

I have posted before about my love of Famima!! The Japanese super convenience store. Well, here is yet another reason to love it....just look at those cute little faces! They are Hedgie fobs, yes, little blue hedgehogs wearing green gingham aprons. I just about fell on the floor and flopped around. Would you believe they are only four quarters each? Now, not only do you get an adorable thingawhatchi but you get to put your money in the machine and turn the knob and your new fob friend pops out. You never know which little critter you'll get but you betcha each and every one is just this sweet. After I got my toys I picked out a lovely steamed red bean bun from the steam case on the counter, it was so warm and doughy and red beanie....delicious.

1 comment:

glennis said...

So, when your're not knitting or shopping at Famina, whacha up to?
You missed the cherry blossom festival!
What a blast!