Monday, June 18, 2007

Fro-Yo Throwdown!

On most days here in sunny Southern California life is good. Beautiful people (Jennifer), beautiful beaches, beautiful weather...but then... there is the ugly, brutal underbelly of it all. The immortal struggle between what is trendy and what is truly good in this sunny hamlet. I present for your review the Non-Fat Frozen Yogurt Throwdown between super trendy Pinkberry and the not as hip(ed) Plato Parfait. Several of us put our taste buds on the line to answer the question ... which is better...
First we tried Pinkberry, it had a slick store front, note the trendy gift items on the cleverly lit up wall...oohh...ahhh...tasty. They have only two flavors 'Plain' and 'Green tea'. We sampled the plain with fresh fruit. Good, sweet, sour with a salty twang, lots of ice crystals though that took away from the creamy-ness we wanted. Then it was on to Plato Parfait. Nice clean sparse space, much more substantial seating, actual metal chairs with padded cushions (at the other place it was plastic fantastic all the way). The plain with fresh fruit tasted more like creme fraiche than the other guys, much better mouth feel and many more flavors (the dark chocolate was decadent). You get free waffle cookies too! So try them both and let me know what you think, but my money (and taste buds) are on Plato Parfait! ..... it up!

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Sky said...

Ooo, thank you very much for the throwdown info! Must find Plato Parfait!