Thursday, December 13, 2007

My Fiber Tribe

This Wednesday evening past was my knitting groups first (and hopefully annual) holiday party. Replete with potluck to die for, secret Santa's and the honor of being surrounded by my amazing knitsibs. When we lived in small towns or villages we had women around us, older and younger women. Women who taught us and women who learned from us. Women to who we could turn when we needed advice and others to show us the way on this women's journey. I so often remark on how as we become embroiled in life it becomes more and more difficult to make new friends and find those women. I have found them, they are my tribe, the tribe of fiber. Huzzah! to all of you wonderful ladies.

I have a special thank you to my secret Santa Carol for my lovely gift of luscious beautifully served up in a sundae glass! I was so excited about the yarn that I took it all apart before photographing it. I felt bad about missing that photo op so I set up these, Yarn Portraits! Could this be a new niche market? I must say that this merino sat well for me and followed direction well. hhhmmmm.....a thought....yarn portraits...delicious.

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