Friday, June 06, 2008

Bento Break!

It is becoming summer here in Southern California so I looked to Japan for summer lunch ideas. Here we have....somen. Wonderful noodles, thin, light, easy, served cold and fast to cook (really, two minutes in boiling water!) I sprinkled them with some black sesame, sliced radish, a cherry blossom cucumber and chopped scallions. The little bottle holds ponzu, a soy type sauce with citrus flavors, just right for the somen. There is a tea dyed egg, little tomatoes, tangerine slices, snow peas, baby carrots, blueberries and more cucumber. This bento is not very big but it really holds a lot of food, all fresh, all delicious! eat it up!


VickeryKnits said...

Beautiful and delicious!

Sky said...


nobu said...

I like somen too.
Especilally, It is good for summer.
Your Bento is colorful and looks delicious.
I think it is a super healthy Bento.

By the way, I didn't know somen is sold in America.

kelli said...

very inspirational! we are doing a whole bento promo with cloth napkins at los cerritos in the fall! we (kiely's sewing club of 5th graders) have been making the napkins this summer! Now a trip to marukai for the boxes and we will be eating home lunch, delicious and healthy all year!!