Saturday, July 19, 2008

just a note.....

Oh look, I added a widget! If you have never been to etsy before, now is the time to go. Gas prices are high, time is at a premium, it's 1:00 a.m. and you are up so what the heck! Why take the time to drive all around town looking for that perfect gift. Not a gift card (impersonal), not from a big chain store (droll), but a one of a kind, handmade item. Now that's special! You can find something to fit just about any hobby or interest...yes you can...just use the 'search' feature, you will be amazed! Here are some of my sewing note cards. Send to someone who sews or use as a clever pun! (You can be very clever). Etsy....yummy!


Sandra said...

you are right about gas prices - nowdays is cheaper to order via net!

nobu said...

This blog is very interesting.
I will keep an eye on your blog.

Thanks for visiting to my blog.
I was born in Tokyo. And moved to Funabashi-city when i was 17.
Funabashi city is faced to Tokyo bay. and it is a sister city of Hayward(california).

I hope you come back to my blog soon!