Sunday, May 17, 2009

modeling for class

As an employee of a yarn shop (1 day a week), knitting for the shop can take up a large chunk of my knitting time. I will be teaching this vest as a class this summer at ABYC. Actually this is a wonderful experience as I knit things that I NEVER would knit otherwise. Take this adorable 'vine lace vest' for example. It knits up super quick and is a fun and easy lace pattern. The yarn/bamboo tape is wonderfully soft, though it needs to be untwisted after a few rows, I am liking it. 1st; I would never wear this, 2nd; it does not come in my size, 3rd; seafoam green is not my color and forth; it is not my style. So, if not for needing a class model I would never have had this knitting experience. I do just love is so....yummy.


nobu said...

I like that pattern and color.

Stephanie Han Windham said...

I love this! As always, you're an inspiration :P