Monday, September 14, 2009

pigs toes

My dearest friend moved. Sad but true. She is not in another state, though California is a pretty big state. She also chose to move up a mountain. Up a mountain*. Not a hill, or a rise, but a mountain, like the Sierras kind of (actually) mountain. She did though, leave me her pigs toes. Not a real pig silly! A plant pig, well not a pig a lithop. Lithops are also known as living stones as they do indeed look like stones. Here are some photos of the ones I now care for. I have in my care about four different kinds of lithops. Some small, some smaller and some smaller still. Yes, they do look like rocks...or even little pigs toes. Sweet.

*I have a horrid fear of driving up mountains. I have done it mind you, though with much hair pulling and gnashing of teeth. I really need to be unconscious for it not to be a bother to the driver (read...yellling, screaming, grabbing the wheel and otherwise a bit of a discraction). This is why my friend moving up into the SIERRAS is an issue.


dirty knitter said...

those pig toes are very interesting...i would love to see them. sorry to hear your good friend moved up the mountain.

Girl, Knitterupted said...

I love lithops, they are so wonderfully weird-looking! I like plants that are different, and your "piggy toes" certainly qualify!.