Saturday, November 07, 2009

garden art

It is the end of the summer growing season here and time to pull up all of the beans, squash and peppers from the garden. The summer sun and our plot of earth gave us many beautiful green beans, wonderful little yellow tomatoes and a few Japanese pumpkin. My favorite summer vegetable is the trombone squash, so I left her for last. My dear trombone squash gave me a wonderful surprise. A squash sculpture! Here are some photos of her creation. She worked so hard this season and gave us many delicious dinners, now she will decorate our fall table. Thank you Lady Trombone Squash!

Long, lean and bright green, it has a buttery flavor and is much more mild than other summer squashes. It has a long growing season, takes up quite a bit of room and is a prolific producer. Usually the fruit is long or curved a bit so you just cut off the bulb at the end and slice up the neck, steam, butter and lightly salt.....absolutely delicious.

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dirty knitter said...

OMG-I've never seen anything like this! Nature is truly the greatest artist. Love it.