Monday, January 17, 2011


this is not my dog, but it is close.

deep teal Classic Elite Liberty wool.  I want some, no, I take that back.  I want lots.
I am actually a vegetarian, my dog on the other hand, is not.  Since getting a new computer and printer I recently realized that many of the transferred files from the old computer do not read/work on my new one, drat.  Aside from document files coming up in Cyrillic I have not had a working photo program, double drat.  Now this causes me concern because I cannot post projects to my raverly account.  I cannot add new items to my etsy shop and I have no way to post new photos here, on my blog.  So I am resorting to other peoples photos.  Here we have a hat that I purchased from this etsy shop for my pup.  It rocks.  I am also trying to decide on tags for him from this shop and this shop.  I am excited about a new yarn by Classic Elite called Liberty Wool.  It is a washable worsted that feels good and knits up like a dream.  I reeeeeealy want lots of it in teal to make a sweater jacket.  I would be delicious.

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