Saturday, April 02, 2011

on the hair isle

Fair Isle style ear

Fair isle style head band.. blue.

Fair isle style hair band... beige.

Every quarter at Alamitos Bay Yarn Company (where I work on Fridays) we must come up with a class to teach.  I wanted to teach a Fair isle technique class but did not want anything with steeks, or dpns (double pointed knitting needles).  So I came up with a Fair isle style head band, hair band, ear warmer, whatever you call it or however you spell it.  It goes around your head and keeps your ears warm, that's for darn sure.  The one I will be teaching only has two colors, green and white.  The ones pictured here are the product of my Fair isle fueled binge.  I will come clean here, I admit it, my name is Sandra D and I am addicted to Fair isle style knitting.
I don't know exactly what it is, the tidy little charts, the sharp cornered squares, the subtle blending of colors or  the opportunity to stash bust like there is not tomorrow.  Whatever it may be, Fair isle hits me square in the pleasure center of my brain.  Every thing just falls away around me as I  follow the chart with a color in each hand...two stitches blue, three stitches green, one stitch blue, four stitches green....I just want to be left alone with my yarn and my chart, ah fair Fair isle, I do so adore you.
So if life is getting a little crazy for you, and drinking or drugs are just not convenient (or socially acceptable) try my drug...Fair Isle....its delicious.


Beckles said...

Nice Sandra, I'd think I'd like to take the class!

Jenn said...

I agree Sandra, fair isle is so fantastic!! So satisfying! Love seeing what you are working on...I've been doing a lot of drawing/painting as of late. I have a link to your blog on mine, do you think you'd be interested in adding my link to yours? Purdy please? ;)