Sunday, March 25, 2012

Take What You Need

'need' flyer

ready to go

'need' flyer installed at Viento y Agua coffee house

'need' flyer ready to give freely

I found this idea on Pintrest, and just had to pass it on.  The sign is fashioned after a 'for sale',  'for rent' or 'a service offered' flyer with phone numbers at the bottom of the paper, cut into strips for easy tearing.  There is a board for such things at a local coffee house, Viento y Agua on 4th street in Long Beach, California, so I put one up there.  Plans are in the works to make many more and add them to boards around town.  Maybe you will feel like passing this on too, make one and put it up at the grocery store, laundromat or even in your break room at work.  Take What You Need and feed the hungry...delicious.

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