Sunday, October 21, 2012

Krake, a hat

Here is a hat I designed for Alamitos Bay Yarn Company's 'Holiday Sparkle' party in October.  It is inspired by the texture of an octopus' skin when it is camouflaging itself against a bumpy surface.  They are so clever those cephalopods, and adorable to boot!  The pattern for this will be available on Ravelry sometime in December, so if you are a knitter, are on ravelry and would like to make this hat, then you can! 
If you are not a knitter, and are not on ravelry, get thee to a knitting class (preferably the one offered by the city of Long Beach Department of Recreation and Marine, which I teach) and learn!
Go knit, it's delicious.  


Vii P said...

Hey there! I saw you posted this on Ravelry, and I just cast it on yesterday. It knits up really quickly, so I'm looking toward the end of the pattern and I wanted to I supposed to cinch it shut with all 36 stitches? Or am I reading it wrong and there are more decrease rows that I've missed? I'm a relatively new knitter, I've never used a hat pattern before that called for drawing the top closed with more than 8 live stitches so I wanted to make sure.

SandraD. said...

Hello ViiP,

On the pattern it reads:
"Knit row 5 of pattern (which is knit)= 36 sts.
REPEAT rows 1-5 of pattern
4 times more."
then you will have fewer sts to close up at the top.
Hope this helps!
Sandra D.