Saturday, September 01, 2007


I went to Marukai today! The Japanese dollar store in Cerritos. I thought the top of my head was going to fly off at all of the wonderful cute-ness I found. I could have bought five hundred dollars worth of Japanese fun. I restrained myself on this trip and took many photos instead. Here are some of my favorites:
The adorable animal headed soy sauce bottles (these are quite tiny, like miniature anime canopic jars). Next is part of the 'little things to put in a child's bento box lunch' section. This takes almost an entire aisle! After that is the stationary section....and I

do so adore paper! The teddy bear family notebook, the round apple-y hamster notes and....mushroom letter paper! Gads! It was all just so yummy. I bought a few things, snacks, chopsticks with their own little carry case to keep at work, a few paper things, a notepad and some tea.
Delicious! Gotta go to Marukai!

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