Monday, August 11, 2008

my summer job

things were a little slow at my day job, teaching at Hope University. We had so many students taking
time off for the summer that I got to take off an extra day too! I decided to get a 'summer job' working in a yarn shop! Not just any yarn shop but a beautiful shop right on Alamitos Bay. Yes, cool ocean breezes, beautiful views of sailboats on the water and happy customers enjoying our Wednesday 'Knit & Cruise' boat trips. Here are a few photos of the shop and surrounding area. If you are ever in Long Beach you should stop in, the water is fine! Sunshine, ocean views and yarn...mmmmm, delicious!


nobu said...

The scnery of the bay is so beautiful!!
I think "Knit&Cruise" is a good idea.

Anonymous said...

i like the boat's in the dock

Anonymous said...

that is by darrenp