Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A Visit To The Queen

Yesterday, August 25th, 2008, I went on a field trip with the day program that I teach at. We went to the Queen Mary in Long Beach. I have been there on several occasions, though not recently. We were able to take a guided tour and I actually learned a few things about the old Queen that I did not know. First, that she is TWICE the size of the Titanic....surprising! Also, that Winston Churchill had is own suite on board. She is indeed a glorious ship and I could just imagine the ocean wind on my face as she steamed across the Atlantic. They have done quite a few modifications to her that saddened me, closing in the covered decks on her starboard side, it took away some of her charm. The students loved the day out and we had lunch by the water watching the harbor cruise boats and pelicans come and go. Here are two photos, I forgot my camera but Vera Toth, another teacher at the program remembered hers (thanks Vera!). One is of the Queen Mary as you board and the other is a photo of the Long Beach skyline from the Queen's deck. It was a grand day with a Grand Lady and the views were....sweet.


nobu said...

I think you had a wonderful day.
I didn't know the Queen Mary is reserved in Longbeach.
It's great.

The scenery from the Queen Marry is so beautiful and broad.

Manu World Fantasy said...

nice boat,ugh!!
:) hello from sunny Portugal!!!