Saturday, October 25, 2008

where have I been?

Oh the joys of computer ownership, the swift advance of technology and how quickly a beloved machine can become a boat anchor. I have been limping along my internet journey dragging behind me an 8 year old dinosaur...namely my computer, for some time now. I knew it's days were numbered though each day as I set out onto the internet highway it would still rouse itself from it's own internal dialog (it ran almost continuously) to follow me on my world wide web quests. Slowly my journey would go, gently and with much leisure. It would be so gracious as to allow me enough time to make a pot of tea while it loaded a file. Eventually I had enough time to cook an entire meal, until....the screen went black. Thank goodness that I live across the street from a fire department, they heard my screams and rushed right over with a tranquilizer gun and a net.
Fast forward to the next day. The dinosaur agreed to wake up, if not connected to the internet, long enough for me to download all of my photos and important files (knitting patterns) to an external hard family was spared, Huzzah!
I went into the computer store, got an employee and said "I have $600.00 and I need a computer, what is the best deal for that price?" I left with a new, highly evolved computer life-form, now all is well and we can sleep soundly once again. fin.
Here we have two photos, one of the dinosaur and one of the new godlike black box that tethers me to all that is good and wonderful. Oh the joys of computer ownership....sweeeet.

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nobu said...

How about your new computer?