Thursday, October 02, 2008

a cloche

I don't really even know how to pronounce this word, but I made one! A cloche. A green cloche. A green cloche with a flower. A green cloche with a big purple flower. Crocheted. I like it quite a bit, though I will never wear it. Hats like this one just don't work in Southern California, especially right now, it is so hot! October is a strange weather month here. We have had such a mild summer that this late season heat is difficult for me to handle. I don't have air conditioning in my house, it was built in 1921 and at that time there were few homes here so the breeze from the ocean did not have to work so hard! I hope to get this little cloche up on my etsy site soon. Look for more of these darling toppers as I plan on making many of them, they are just yummy!

1 comment:

nobu said...

Is it stii so hot there?
Here in funabashi, it is cool.
Night times I feel a little cold.

By the way I like that colour.