Sunday, September 21, 2008

A Car That Runs On AIR!

You better believe it! It will soon be coming to America if all goes well. There is a car that runs on compressed air. Really, compressed AIR. It is called the 'CityCAT'. The only cost in gathering the fuel (air) is getting it into a compressed state. The air shoots out of the tank and runs the engine. Yup, air. The current version sold in India just won't cut it by America's safety standards so it is being modified for our roads. This modification (read; won't crumple into numerous fragments including occupants on impact) will create a heavier car so it will run on a hybrid mixture of air and gas, like our current electric/gas hybrids. The good new is it only takes about 8gal. of gas to go as far as an entire tank takes you now! Check out the website linked for more info on this amazing vehicle! ....a tasty treat for out streets.

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nobu said...

Im always thnking of environment.
It is nice you drive it on the road of long beach.
Thanks for info, Sandra.