Saturday, May 28, 2011

may bites

Logan (second from left) at regatta in Sacramento.

Same boat, same race, same son., fourth from left.

Baby sweater started on bus.

Baby sweater finished.

Citron Circe

Summer Flies.
What a whirlwind my life has been this month.  Beginning with my son at a rowing race in Sacramento, with the obligatory bus trip, hotel stay and bevy of teen boys.  Their favorite toy on this trip was zip ties!  "Mrs. Carter, someone zip tied my wrist to the back of the bus seat when I was asleep."  Thank goodness I brought my pink mini Leatherman tool, it made me Super Chaperone!
I was able to knit a baby sweater on the bus, yes, yes I did.  For a friend of mine who has a 2 year old daughter and is expecting a second in September.  Unfortunately her husband passed away (in May) suddenly, after a long battle with depression, he took his own life.
I was stopped at a stoplight when the person behind me decided it was a good day to pay attention to something other than what was in front of her and rear ended me.  That was a drag.  I am currently driving rental, Kia Soul.  The one with the hamster commercial?  It does have a great sound system. I now have chronic 'head bob' syndrome from the rockin' stereo system and Sirius radio. 
All of this plus work, end of the school year teen stuff, their grades, one's broken wrist (lacrosse) and the hilarity that ensues.
It is no wonder why the call of yarn beckons me with it's soft, silky, merino wool voice.  Patterns that promise with only a size 6 needle and one skein of sock yarn I can have a sweet little fashion accessory to toss around my neck, oh so enticing and semi-circular.  I fell for it and started two of them!  The ever popular 'Citron' from and an easy, flirty pattern called 'Summer Flies'.  Madeline Tosh was kind enough to create the lace weight yarn for my 'Citron' in 'Norway Spruce'. A dark and stormy teal green that reminds me of the poisoned sea of Circe fame.  There was a Lacy Baktus of Prism sock yarn in my knitting bag that I had decided was ugly, I frogged it,  now it will become 'Summer Flies'. 
June is around the corner, and I have knitting to do, life is good...and delicious.

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