Saturday, June 04, 2011

velvet grape leaves

Saroyan is a small shawl.  Saroyan is a scarf.  Saroyan is a shawlette.  Saroyan has leaves on one side. Saroyan is delightful to knit.  Saroyan sits comfortably around the neck, layered or not and is mesmerizing me at the moment.  I had just finished 'Summer Flies' when I found Saroyan.  How fortunate for me.
It is supposed to be knit in a worsted weight yarn, but true to my form I am using sock though still with the size 8 needle suggested for the worsted.  Malabrigo sock to be specific, color?  Velvet Grapes.  ohhhh, ahhhh.  Malabrigo and Velvet in the same project.  delicious.

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hbqueen said...

What size needle are you using?