Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Molly's Gotta Brand New Bag!

Yippeee and Hooorrray,
Third time is the charm. The third bag turned out just right. I embroidered on one of the ecru stripes with you can see...I have never done this before. I am pleased with the outcome. I toyed with the idea of needlefelting I do not have any of the needlefelting toys and I wanted the bag done - now - I did this instead. whew... Now I can take it to work on Monday and be done with Molly's bag.
New project hungry it up.


Skylar said...

That bag came out great!

Diane said...

Definitely worth the wait - it's beautiful

La said...

That bag turned out beautiful! It was worth the wait...but I betcha not the frustration!