Sunday, July 09, 2006

Sea, Nalbinding!

Nalbinding on holiday at the sea. We went on the Aqualink...a sea going vessel...from Alamitos Bay (where there is a lovely yarn shop) to the Aquarium of the Pacific. It was a wonderful day though I got very little nalbinding done.
I love the some seaweed.


La said...

hey, I think I recognize those boats! Aren't they moored outside of Busters?

Michele said...

Is Molly's bag the brown and pink? If so I am outrageously jealous! It is gorgeous---although I adore all your work---your sculptures are also freakin' awesome! Your right - I could eat them all up!

See you at work---your friend,

Rachael said...

How wonderful that you naalbind! And the slippers shown below are beautiful! The color is lucious! I want some! I've wanted to learn for many years but honestly don't know where to start and I've gotten distracted by so many other things. Do you have any suggestions for sources that I might check out to learn?